Alliance HR is looking for someone that has experience in Sanitation. This opening will be on 1st shift and pays $9.00 hr.
The primary responsibility of employees working in Sanitation is to perform tasks as indicated on the LaVergne Master Sanitation List in the TBC Food Safety and Quality Control Manual. These tasks may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Follow instructions of Sanitation Lead Person.
Complete all SQF documentation.
Clean break rooms. (sweep/mop floors; wipe off tables, chairs, countertops, and vending machines; empty/wash ash trays; clean microwaves, refrigerator and ice machines; etc.)
Clean rest rooms and restock supplies. (toilets, mirrors, sinks, floors, walls, etc.)
Clean/disinfect water fountain.
Clean offices and front lobby. (dust furniture, sweep/mop floors, vacuum carpets & mats, clean doors & windows, etc.)
Dust HVAC vents and change HVAC filters.
Empty & wash out trash cans; replace liners
Wash fluorescent lights/fixtures.
Sweep around packaging room as needed.
Wipe down catch trays in packaging room.
Wash out bins containing floor sweepings.
Wet mop floor; wash HVAC ductwork, aspirators, catch barrels, fluorescent lights, stairs/railings, etc.; disinfect surgehopper covers and screens in mezzanine area.
Remove & wash conveyor buckets.
Dust guardrails throughout plant.
Dry/wet mop white perimeter lines on floor around entire warehouse.
Assist Lead Person with cleaning of floor scrubber.
Sweep/vacuum fumigation vaults as needed.
Clean/date Cat Tins; record any activity.
Treat cracks, crevices and offices with approved pesticide.
Check/change glue boards; record any activity.
Check/clean outside bait boxes.
Sweep parking lot; pick up any trash, cigarette butts, etc.
Remove trash, leaves, etc., from outside drains.
Ensure performance of all scheduled tasks outlined in Food Safety Manual.
Perform other tasks as assigned by Management.

Essential Functions:

Being present and on time for work on a regular and consistent basis.
Standing and/or walking for majority of shift.
Bending/stooping as in picking up trash, checking pest control measures.
Lifting and/or carrying up to 40 pounds unassisted on a regular basis; lifting/carrying over 40 pounds with assistance.
Squatting and/or kneeling as necessary to clean pest control devices and perform other tasks.
Climbing ladders/stairs on frequent basis often while carrying heavy and/or bulky items.
Reaching, pushing & pulling as in mopping/sweeping, changing filters and pushing carts.
Working at heights over 10 ft. with proper safety railings and equipment.
Effectively communicating questions, problems and reports to supervisory personnel and co-workers.
Reading and comprehending warning labels and instructions.
Writing skills sufficient to note pest activity as required.
Accommodating unscheduled changes in duties with flexibility and cooperation.
Maintaining positive, respectful, team-oriented attitude and actions toward responsibilities, company property, other employees and customers.

Please include resume and apply online at www.AllianceHRServices.com to be considered.

Don't Be Fooled

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